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Updated Policy & Procedure – Bonus Payment Method
As part of Group’s drive to achieve a working “green” business model and to enhance e-commerce in eCosway, we are pleased to announce that as of 1 October 2017, bonus values of below HKD 20 will be deposited into the owner's e-Account with following details:
1.    Accumulated bonuses between HKD 20 – HKD 50
Once accumulated bonuses reaches a threshold between HKD 20 – HKD 50, the accumulated value will be issued as a voucher and delivered by postal mail to the Business Owner.
For example:
October 2017 bonus is HKD 5.   HKD 5 will be deposited into the owner's e-Account.   Accumulated e-Account balance is HKD 5.   
November 2017 bonus is HKD 15.  HKD 15 will be deposited into the owner's e-Account.  Accumulated e-Account balance is HKD 20.

*In this scenario, the accumulated bonus value has reached the threshold of HKD 20 in November. HKD 20 voucher will be issued to the Owner and posted to an address provided by the Business Owner.

2.    Bonuses in excess of HKD 50
Should the accumulated balance in an e-Account exceed HKD50, the full amount will be deposited directly, via bank transfer into the Business Owner's bank account.

If bank account detail has not been provided by the Business Owner or if the bank transfer is not successful, the full amount will be kept in the Business Owner's e-Account.  Bonuses will continue to accumulate in the e-Account until the Business Owner provides valid bank account details.

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