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Change of Policy & Procedure (Update)
Change of Policy & Procedure (Update)

Regarding to the announcement on the change of Policy & Procedure posted on 22nd May 2017, we have the following updates:

Effective 1st July 2017, the Company will no longer be issuing cheques for bonus payouts. The bonus payout method will be defaulted as “Bank Autopay / e-Account” for our Business Owners.

In case where valid bank account details are provided by the Business Owners, bonus will be banked into the subject bank account via Bank Autopay. Otherwise, bonus will be retained in eAccount. 

Besides, regardless our business owners have provided bank account details or not, for bonus below HKD 50, it will be paid via bonus voucher and mailed to Business Owners.

Thank you.

The Management
Cosway (HK) Limited
18th Jul 2017